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Time & Time Again

Time & Time Again

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     March with Xenophon, sail with Magellan, set type with Guttenburg, accompany the convoy guards to Camerone. Explore the Louisiana Territory with Lewis and Clark, sink the Bismark. Argue with Socrates, learn tactics from Sun Tzu, pirate the Drake, study at the library of Alexandria. Travel with Marco Polo, sack Troy. Help paint the Sistine Chapel, defend Rome, burn Alexandria. Build the British Empire, sip tea in the Tokugawa shogunate, go to an opening night at the Globe theatre. Jump into Dien Bien Phu, match wits with Cesare Borgia, work on the Great Wall, follow Sparticus, fight in Stalingrad, ride with Ghengis Khan, see the pyramids. 

     I listened to him tell of the enemies he'd defeated: he told me he'd used time to overcome them. "Patience" he said. "Patience and time will overcome any enemy" I took a sip of wine and raised myself on my elbow. "Ah yes Octavious, but there is Time, and Time Again." 

     In Time & Time Again, you can stand beside Napoleon at Borodino, watch the pyramids being raised, journey down the Mississippi with Sam Clemens, travel with Marco Polo to Gar Cathay, join the legions and cross the Rubicon. The T2 game system features complete rules for character generation and skills with the most realistic combat system, armed and unarmed, ever published. Chapters cover climate, geography, languages, economics, travel, manners and morals, society and culture, technology and more. The physics of Temporal Translation (time travel or T2), are presented in sufficient detail to allow for easy use while preventing a paradox. There are maps and charts, character sheets and three complete scenarios. Just add dice, players and imagination! 

     Welcome to the BTA. This is what you've always wanted to do... 

     This is the game you've been waiting to play.

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